Former Fox News strategic analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters had “mixed feelings” about the Flynn sentencing memo since he knew him personally, telling CNN that in the end, as a high ranking military intelligence officer, what he did was unforgivable.

Peters, who left the Fox News because of the network’s propagandizing for the Trump administration. He was asked by Anderson Cooper on AC360 Tuesday night about his thoughts on the Michael Flynn sentencing memo from Robert Mueller.

Peters said, “I really have mixed feelings about this. As a former officer I’d send him to jail for life. He betrayed his country. But , as someone who’s known Mike since 1985, and he has served his country well. He was a superb officer. he was not a good strategist…”

He continued, “He is broke. A proud man has been humbled to the nth degree. But on the other hand this was to me, for a former officer, a military intelligence general, to have done what he did with the Russians — and we don’t even know all the details yet — he may be pardonable, but it’s unforgivable.”

Unforgivable, indeed.

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