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Continuing on our “Meet The Band” series, JJJ is loving everything about band member Edwin Horonet.

Born in the Bronx and raised in rural Pennsylvania, Edwin is a super-talented dancer, who has never taken any kind of lessons. Seriously!

“My dancing has always been freestyle. I have never taken dance classes,” he admits. “I have never liked vocal lessons much either – it feels most natural to me to craft it on my own.”

Learn more about Edwin with JJJ‘s 10 Fun Facts about him below!

  • I’d say I’m definitely the best skater of the group
  • I’m just as passionate about fashion as I am about music
  • My fashion inspiration is ASAP Rocky. When he puts his pieces together it’s almost like constructing a puzzle. He’s so confident with his fashion which I always say is half the battle
  • I love drawing, I started drawing before I started singing or dancing. It’s like an escape for me when I’m having a brain fart
  • My favorite food is sushi, I eat it all the time!
  • Yellow is my favorite color
  • I gave myself my first tattoo, a pair of triangles on my hand
  • I’m Dominican
  • I’m already an uncle
  • I am originally from New York City

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