Post Malone

I’m a Natural-Born Ghost Hunter

… Just Ask Zak Bagans

1/9/2018 12:40 AM PST


Post Malone should consider hopping on the Travel Channel’s payroll as a ghost hunter if he gets tired of music, ’cause he’s got the gift … so says Zak Bagans.

The “Ghost Adventures” host tells TMZ … Post recently joined him for an episode that’s set to air later this week — and he says the rapper’s a natural at the craft. 

Zak says he asked Post to do the guest spot last year, and they taped it in November at a haunted slaughterhouse in Tuscon. He gives props to Post — a longtime ‘GA’ fan — for taking the assignment seriously, and handling it like a pro.

The only possible exception came when Post said he felt a pair of hands wrap around his neck … and completely freaked.

Still, Zak says the rapper didn’t back down and they’re planning to have him back, because his episode, which airs Saturday, went so well.

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