Bryce Dallas Howard is used to being mistaken for Jessica Chastain — it’s been happening since their college days! Bryce and her Jurassic World costars Chris Pratt and Jeff Goldblum stopped by The Graham Norton Show on May 25, along with fellow guest Solo‘s Thandie Newton, and talked about their look-alikes.

Bryce confessed that people have actually gotten her confused with Jessica since before they were famous. She and Jessica both went to college in New York and frequented the same Starbucks, where the barista would mix up their orders. But don’t worry, Bryce, you’re not alone. Thandie revealed that she, too, has a famous look-alike. Victoria Beckham once mistook her for Zoe Saldana at a SoulCycle class! Keep reading to see the stars with their celebrity doppelgängers and decide for yourself if they truly look like twins.

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