Pacman Jones

Takes Joe Mixon to Future Concert

6/2/2017 12:20 AM PDT


Adam “Pacman” Jones is taking Joe Mixon under his wing — and treated the Bengals rookie to a night out at the Future concert this week … TMZ Sports has learned. 

Turns out, Jones is pretty tight with Future — they grew up together in Atlanta — and the rapper hooked the Bengals star up with tickets to his Cincinnati concert Wednesday at the Riverbend Music Center. 

We’re told Jones invited Mixon as his guest — and they had a blast together and took pics with fans. 

So, why Mixon? We’re told Jones quietly mentors a lot of young players on the team — including Joe — and he likes the guy. 

We reached out to Pacman’s agent, Peter Schaffer, for comment — he told us the only issue that came up is that his son, Gavin, was upset he didn’t get to go too. School night. You know how that goes. 

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