O.J. Simpson’s Ex-Agent

Takes Bronco to ‘Pawn Stars’

… Let’s Make a Deal!

8/9/2017 11:51 AM PDT

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The man who kept O.J. Simpson‘s getaway Bronco hidden for roughly 22 years wants more than $500,000 for the infamous ride … and he’s hoping to get it from the guys on “Pawn Stars.”

Simpson’s former agent, Mike Gilbert, got in touch with Rick Harrison in the hopes of unloading the car he got from Al Cowlings following the 1994 slow speed chase on the 405 freeway. 

During the episode, which airs Monday on History, Gilbert told the guys he’s had very serious offers in the past — but wants more than half a mil or no deal. 

The challenge for Rick — we’ve never seen him spend that kind of money on the show before. The most expensive items ever sold at the Pawn Shop were gold bars valued at $128,000. 

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