O.J. Simpson

I’m the Victim

Ron and Nicole Killed Me

3/10/2018 12:50 AM PST


O.J. Simpson continues to shock, because he blames the people he killed for metaphorically killing him.

It’s actually hard to watch, but Simpson says Ron Goldman and his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, somehow killed him, presumably because their murders put him in a bad spot.

It’s an amazing comment, given Judith Regan — who published “If I Did It” with Simpson — says Simpson’s lawyer called her and confessed the murders to her, and said the only reason the book title needed the word “if” was so O.J. could have deniability with his children.

And for bad measure, Simpson also says he loved Nicole but didn’t like her at the time of her death.

The Fox special airs Sunday at 8 PM. Gripping and, at the same time, nauseating. 

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