Donald Trump’s attorney Jay Sekulow made an appearance on Wolf Blitzer’s show to discuss the Manafort and Gates indictments and Papadopoulis plea deal.

It’s quite interesting to see how the story has shifted. First, there’s no collusion. Now we’re getting the “it’s not illegal to talk to Russians about opposition research” answer.

Here’s the money quote during his interview with Wolf Blitzer:

“According to the affidavit. in and of itself, that’s a conversation that someone would have regarding a foreign government, whether it was Great Britain or anybody else.Those are not illegal activities. That’s not an inappropriate activity. Again, where did he get in trouble? Was it the call he made to the professor? That was the Russian professor? That’s not where the crime was. defense lying about the time.”

Sekulow has to know better. First of all, Papadopoulis pled guilty to a thing as a part of a larger deal where Mueller agreed to that plea without publicly disclosing all of the possible charges which could have been brought.

Secondly, I find it so interesting that suddenly the word “email” has been erased from all the Trump advisors’ memories. If they suddenly rediscover that term, they’ll realize that the Trump campaign knew that Russia had hacked into the Clinton campaign’s emails just days before the first ones were released.

So much lying. Where there’s this much smoke, there is also fire.

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