Here’s the story from the Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff, in which John Dowd said he was speaking for the president:

And then: Oops! He never meant to speak for Trump at all! Is someone trying to change the subject from Stormy Daniels?

This is a pretty big story. Cleta Mitchell has her eager little paws on many right-wing groups, so I’m sure Bob Mueller will want to have a chat with her:

This is also quite a story: NYPD v. the D.A. v. Harvey Weinstein. Wow.

In case you didn’t know, John Kelly is a nasty little gobshite:

Facebook was backed into a corner, sounds like:

I predict a week of retaliatory leaks from the intelligence community in response to McCabe’s firing:

Oh, look. Another Trump appointee may be a scammer:

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