3/1/2017 12:45 AM PST


It’s not even close … if Conor McGregor fights Floyd Mayweather, Muhammad Ali would’ve rooted for the IRISHMAN … so says the champ’s ex-wife. 

“Ali don’t like anybody dull, he likes everybody EXCITING,” Khalilah Ali told TMZ Sports … “He’d be a Conor McGregor [fan]. Conor McGregor’s the guy.”

Khalilah was married to Muhammad from ’67 to ’76 and has 4 children with the boxing legend.

Of course, Muhammad saw Mayweather fight … but famously rooted for Pacquiao when they squared off in 2015. 

As for McGregor … he’s gonna LOVE  this video. He’s praised Ali as one of his personal heroes and has said he’s without a doubt the greatest fighter of all time. 

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