MTV has fired David Eason from its hit reality show “”. The decision came in the wake of controversy after the husband of made a slew of on his Twitter account.

“David Eason’s personal comments do not reflect the views of MTV,” a network spokesperson said in a statement. “With six weeks left of production on ‘Teen Mom 2’, effective immediately, we are ending our relationship with him.”

A representative for Jenelle and David refused to comment on the dismissal.

29-year-old David previously wrote in a now-deleted tweet, “And just what makes you think you have the right to tell me how to be a parent. Because you think you know me? Lmao why don’t you tell the homo and transgender parents to start teaching their kids better morals. Oh, I forgot, that’s supposed to be normal.” It was his response to one user who slammed his wife for posing with a massive assault rifle just days after the deadly Florida school shooting, writing, “Education is how we protect our kids. It starts with intentional parenting.”

David’s comments quickly enraged people, with one user taking a jab at him and writing, “This is the type of person that’s allowed on tv, the type of person that’s paid by @MTV & @Viacom, and the type of person our youth is influenced by! We need to take a stand for gender equality and show our youth they’re loved no matter who they grow to be! FIRE DAVID EASON!” Similarly, one other wrote, “It’s disgusting we live in a world where @mjfree and MTV continue to employ racist, homophobic, abusive individuals. What about their teen followers? The ones who listen to what they say? FIRE DAVID EASON & JENELLE EVANS!!!!!”

Another user dragged Jenelle’s children into the controversy, writing, “Poor Maryssa, Jace, Kaiser and Ensley have to grow up listening to all of this hate speak. I pray that none of those sweet kids are gay, transgender or questioning because David would public shame and disown them. David Eason is an abomination.”

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