Now that’s what you call a satisfying finale.

The last installment of Sweet/Vicious‘ maiden season just aired and, in two action-packed hours, Jules and Ophelia tied up every loose end that had us tripping and — in the process — kicked a whole lotta ass and righted a slew of wrongs. Here are the evening’s seven most triumphant moments:

  1. Tyler was cleared of Carter’s murder.

    Sure, it all happened because Ophelia and Jules pinned the homicide on someone else — but the guy was a violent pedophile who never once got incarcerated for his crimes. And besides, we’re not here to judge — most of the time, anyway.

  2. Operation IntimiNATE began (and it was EPIC).

    Our favorite part of the plan to make Nate’s life hell: invading his room in the middle of the night, taking photos of him sleeping and scrawling the words “Sweet dreams” on the wall. #creepyAF

  3. Jules and Ophelia fought Nate (and his fraternity buds).

    The score after the girls unexpectedly had to do battle with a total of seven Omega Theta d-bags? Sweet/Vicious team: 7. Omega Theta d-bags: 0

  4. Nate’s MVP ceremony didn’t quite go as expected.

    When the football star’s career highlight reel was played, it suddenly began showing footage of his coke-fueled, “I totally rape women but that’s just because they ask for it” rant. And just like that, “MVP” stood for Most Vile Person.

  5. Tyler and Jules finally exchanged ‘I love you’s.

    So which ship name do you like best: Tyles or Jyler?

  6. Harris joined the vigilante team, formed 2017’s version of Charlie’s Angels.

    After taking a job with the DA’s office so he can obtain inside info on sexual assault and share it with the Sweet/Vicious duo, Harris christened himself “Charlie.” But we agree with Ophelia: He’s definitely more Bosley.

  7. The Sweet/Vicious team broke the Internet.

    So how do Jules and Ophelia plan to continue their fight against sexual predators? By launching — a website where anyone can report injustice — and creating a virtual rape wall that already received about a billion posts. Go get ’em, girls!

Which triumphant moment was your favorite? (Note: If you choose #5, you’re a total romantic, and if you choose #3, you take no prisoners.) Tell us what you liked best about the Sweet/Vicious season finale!

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