Our Saturday Brunch menu includes tasty links, slow burns, side bets, frothy comedy, and a soundtrack. Let’s linger over our coffee.

The Last of the Millenniums turns a gimlet eye to Trump’s motivation.

Political Irony consults the bookies on Trump getting impeached. I’d like a piece of the action, please!

Web of Evil fact checks the short-fingered vulgarian: Math is hard, Barbie!

Big Bad Bald Bastard says goodby to Don Rickles.

Bonus Track: Consequence of Sound ranks All 72 songs that helped define a generation of misfits straight outta Manchester. All of them are there to listen to, so this one is for Gen X.

And because I promised to link to the LA Times editorials:

Sunday’s installment “Our Dishonest President”

Monday’s installment “Why Trump Lies”

Tuesday’s installment “Trump’s Authoritarian Vision”

Wednesday’s installment “Trump’s War on Journalism”

Thursday’s installment “Conspiracy Theorist in Chief”

Friday’s installment “California Fights Back”

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