Mets’ Noah Syndergaard

Slays Dothraki

… in Epic ‘GOT’ Cameo

8/7/2017 6:38 AM PDT

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Team Lannister had a ringer in their battle against the Dothraki Sunday night … as flamethrowin’ Mets superstar Noah Syndergaard came outta nowhere with an EPIC spear throw. 

Noah, AKA Thor, lived up to his nickname in his few seconds on screen — launching a fastball to take out a Dothraki soldier.

It was kinda hard to tell if that was actually Thor … but the ace confirmed his cameo right after the episode, saying “Take that you mean Dothraki.” 

Spoiler alert: Syndergaard also defended his squad basically takin’ an L — “To my side’s defense . . . they had a FRICKIN DRAGON!!!” 

It’s all good, Noah — you did your part. 

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