LOL! Stephen Colbert knows how to take something as serious as Melania Trump’s official first lady portrait and turn it into the craziest spoof! On April 5, he created a comical show poster, where Melania was the ‘head mistress of a school for teenage witches.’ Watch the hilarious video!

Stephen Colbert, 52, poked fun at First Lady, Melania Trump‘s, 46, official portrait on The Late Show, April 5, when he turned her photo into a Hocus Pocus, TV series spinoff! “Melania Trump tweeted her official portrait. I gotta say, she looks absolutely lovely. She’s poised, she’s confident,” he started off. [Scroll to 2:38 for his Melania spoof]

Stephen’s monologue took a comical turn, when he said, “… The black is a little severe. She looks like she’s the head mistress of a school for teenage witches. ‘Hocus Flotus’, coming to you this fall on the CW.” LOL!

The host’s rendition of Melania’s portrait had psychedelic colors on it that you’d only find in an old school TV show, similar to that of Sabrina The Teenage Witch. The words “Saved by the spell” were splashed across Stephen’s spoof of the first lady’s photo and the audience roared with laughter.

Stephen also took notice of Melania’s massive diamond engagement ring that stood out in the portrait. “Check out that bling,” he said. But, Stephen wasn’t bragging about her diamond; he was actually using it to take a jab at her marriage to President Donald Trump, 70. “That’s the kind of ring you only get when your husband has done something unspeakable.” Ouch!

“Honey, honey I was just on a bus with Billy Bush; you’ll understand later,” Stephen said while acting out Donald handing Melania the ring. The audience instantly caught on to what Stephen was referring to and they couldn’t stop laughing. The host took a shot at Donald and Billy’s “locker room talk” scandal from 2005. The two men were caught on tape making lewd comments about women while in a bus during a taping of an Access Hollywood episode. That’s where Donald’s infamous line, “Grab em by the pu–y” came from. And, we’re still disgusted. In case you forgot, the 2005 tape was discovered and spread publicly in Oct. 2016, during the presidential election.

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Stephen wasn’t done there — He moved on to the controversial photoshop/airbrush topic of Melania’s portrait. As soon as it was released, the portrait started up an internet debate as to whether it was airbrushed or not. “People say this portrait looks photoshopped. But I say, ‘So what,’” Stephen said. “All the first lady’s portraits have been airbrushed. I mean just look at Eleanor Roosevelt‘s portrait.” Right after he said that, a sultry photo of Cindy Crawford, 51, popped up on the screen where she donned a red rose in between her breasts while dressed in all black. Oh, Stephen!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of Stephen’s spoof of Melania?

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