2/15/2017 12:38 PM PST

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Question — if your wife was pregnant with twins and due next month, would you still go on a couples trip to Mexico without her?

Matthew Stafford just did and his wife couldn’t be more supportive.

The Detroit Lions QB is currently in Cabo with Matt Ryan and his wife, Sarah Ryan. The two families are super tight and usually take couples trips together.

Matt’s wife, Kelly, didn’t make the vacation (we’re guessing an international trip so far into the pregnancy isn’t the best idea in the world) … so Matt made the trip without her.

Sarah posted a photo of the gang at dinner. Kelly commented, saying, “Loving everything about this picture except for the fact that I’m not in it and stuck in Michigan.”

She added, “Missing all these beautiful people! #jealous.”

The twins are reportedly due at the end of March. We’re guessing all 4 Staffords will make the trip next year.

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