11/18/2016 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Ask and you shall receive! 

Conor McGregor says he wants to own a piece of the UFC — and Mark Wahlberg says he’s willing to give it to him.

Remember, Wahlberg was one of the celebrity investors who purchased a small stake in the UFC earlier this year.

So, when we saw Mark leaving E Baldi in Bev Hills on Thursday, we asked him about Conor’s demand at UFC 205 … when he demanded to be cut in as a part-owner. 

At first, Wahlberg says Conor needs to “cut the check” like everyone else — but then changed his mind and offered McGregor a share for free because “he deserves it.”

He also gives a thoughtful explanation about why it’s a smart move to get into business with Conor now.

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