The Made in Staten Island cast is trying not to repeat the missteps of previous generations — but Christian (aka CP) may suffer the same fate as his father.

In a sneak peek of the premiere episode, which debuts on Monday following Teen Mom 2, the New Yorker is joined by his friend Kayla as he gears up to see his dad. CP’s father is serving a five-year sentence related to drug charges — and before the face-to-face meeting, the teen can’t help but contemplate his own future.

“This could be the last time I see my father before I go up top,” he reveals in the clip above (“up top” is another term for prison). “That’s f*cked up.”

But how does CP feel as he waits with Kayla in the facility? And how does Kayla support her friend? Watch the video to see more, and watch the whole sit-down during the series premiere of Made in Staten Island on Monday at 10/9c.

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