Luhan and girlfriend Guan Xiaotong have posed for their first photo together since confirming their relationship. Celebrating Valentine’s Day together, Xiaotong posted on social media two selfies of them together.

In the pics, the former member could be seen wrapping his arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders as the couple cutely puckered their lips and stared at the camera. Xiaotong opted for a casual look with a gray shirt while holding a bouquet of roses, which Luhan seemingly gave to her.

Luhan his relationship with Xiaotong, his co-star on Chinese drama series “Sweet Combat”, in early October. He wrote on his Weibo account, “Hello everyone. Let me introduce my girlfriend to you.” Along with tagging his girlfriend’s account, he posted a photo of the Chinese beauty. She responded to Luhan’s post with a heart and “Aiya, so awesome!”

Later that month, rumors emerged that he’s going to propose to his girlfriend soon as he was spotted . However, it appeared that Xiatong’s mother their marriage. Rumor has it, Luhan failed to meet two of the three requirements that her mother set for her son-in-law.

Another reason why her mother opposed their marriage was because she thought her daughter was too young for it. She wanted her daughter to get married when she’s at least 28 years old. As the actress is currently still 20 years old, it’ll take a long time before Luhan gets to marry his girlfriend.

Besides marriage, the couple was hit with rumors. Both Luhan and Xiaotong didn’t respond to the rumors, but her agency seemed to shut down the reports. A Weibo account called “Guan Xiaotong Rumor Refutal Site” released a statement which said, “Not pregnant! A wise man does not believe in rumors. Not giving any time of day to rumors.” Xiaotong’s workshop account then followed the said account, hinting that the statement was true.

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