and surely can’t spend Christmas without taking a picture together. The two, who rarely appear in a picture together ever since they reunited in early this year, have shown how they celebrate the festivity in a new photo which has just been shared by the Aussie hunk via his Instagram account.

The 26-year-old actor and his girlfriend are getting into the holiday spirit in the image as they wear Christmas-themed sweaters. Miley’s sweater features an image of Jesus who dons a party hat and Liam aptly captions the snap, “Happy birthday Jesus.” The 24-year-old actress/singer also wears a huge bow on her head and has Christmas lights draped over her neck.

Liam and Miley recently joined her family’s early Christmas celebration. However, a body language expert claimed that the actor in a group photo with his girlfriend and her family, as shown through his stiff pose and weird smile.

But the new selfie shared by Liam may debunk the speculation as it shows how he’s connected to Miley in many ways.


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