Lenny Dykstra

Arrest Video

… I’m A Felon, I Can’t Have A Gun

Lenny Dykstra tried to stop cops from searching his bag the night he was arrested for possessing cocaine, Molly and weed … body camera footage shows.

Officials in Linden, NJ released video from the night of May 23 … when an Uber driver frantically drove to the police station … telling cops Dykstra put a gun to his head.

The video picks up with Linden PD questioning Dykstra … asking if he had a firearm on him.

Lenny says no several times … adding “Dude, I’m a convicted felon. I can’t own a firearm.”

Cops asked if they could look through his bag, and Lenny gave permission … but then he got antsy as they began their search.

Police ultimately found coke, MDMA, and marijuana “among his belongings.”

Cops also released body cam footage of the Uber driver — who also gave his side of the story … saying LD threatened to shoot him.

A gun was never recovered.

Lenny is facing multiple charges from the alleged incident.

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