Korean actor Lee Joon will be finishing the remainder of his mandatory service as a public service worker. The “My Father Is Strange” actor has been transferred from active duty to public service, his agency confirmed on Saturday, March 30.

“We notify that actor Lee Joon has been transferred to reservist status as of March 23. From here on, Lee Joon will be carrying out his mandatory military service as a public service worker, per the Military Manpower Administration’s order,” Prain PTC said in an official statement.

“Lee Joon, who enlisted back in October of last year in the ROK army, received continued treatment for his panic disorder, which he suffered from since before his enlistment,” the statement continued. “However, his conditions did not improve, which led to a revision of his status by military regulations, and he was determined unfit to serve as an active duty soldier.”

“Lee Joon is currently awaiting his summon letter from the MMA. He feels apologetic for not being able to show his healthy side, and he will do his best to fulfill the rest of his mandatory military service once he receives his summons,” the statement concluded.

Upon hearing the news, fans were sending him supporting message. One fan said, “Seems like he enlisted as active duty despite knowing that he has panic disorders to try and overcome them. Sometimes it’s more important that you save your own self first. Lee Joon-ssi, find strength. Although I’m sure those who’ve never suffered from panic disorders will hate on him for this.”

“He seemed like he had a strong head on his shoulders so I hope he overcomes this and concludes his service safely. Find strength!” another fan wrote.

The former MBLAQ member has been open about his mental illness. Back in February of 2017, the 30-year-old revealed that he had been diagnosed with panic disorder. Despite that, he voluntarily enlisted due to his strong personal will to overcome it.

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