LeBron James

New Bizarre Shirtless Workout

… Rapping to Meek Mill

8/4/2017 11:46 AM PDT

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Here’s the latest installment of the LeBron James Challenge … courtesy of LeBron James!!

LBJ posted yet another shirtless workout vid Friday morning … vibin’ out to Meek Mill‘s new “Wins & Losses” album. This time, the King raps, sings and even maniacally laughs at his haters.

LeBron’s been mocked by pretty much the entire Internet — including Steph Curry — for his first viral gym sesh, so it’s only a matter of time before your timeline gets flooded with new challenge vids.

At one point, LBJ makes sure to point out one of Meek’s lyrics directed at the President — “Trump ain’t feelin’ us” … which makes sense, considering Bron’s never hidden his feelings towards POTUS.

As for LeBron’s singing … it’s never too late for lessons, bro.

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