Did Stevie J really change the sound of his music?

That was his plan on Leave It To Stevie Season 1 Episode 5 after his daughters had some harsh words for him. 

We picked up with Stevie taking Savannah out to test drive cars, but she was less than impressed with Stevie because he kept trying to drive all of the cars instead of letting her test them out. 

Stevie then put on his latest track for his daughter to hear, but she was highly critical about it. She seemed to think an artist should prove that they can change their sound up and still be relevant. 

This struck a chord with Stevie, who then realized he should try to do something to stay relevant, but his plan was a shocker. 

He told Tommie to have Sade and Savannah at a dive bar so he could showcase some new music, but this was from a genre his daughters knew nothing about. 

That genre was Country and it definitely worked out for Stevie. If you watch Leave It To Stevie online, you will know that Stevie J has a great voice, but it was odd to see him stray from his roots. 

The kids were on the fence about the song, but Tommie was loving it. She knew she had to support Stevie because of the level of support he gave her when she was worried about her music career, or lack thereof. 

Meanwhile on this hit reality series, Stevie’s ex-girlfriend, Mimi was on tap to ask a favor. She was holding a father-daughter charity event and thought it would be a good idea for Stevie to go along and dance with Eva. 

Stevie was shocked to the core because he knew he was a terrible dancer and worried about making a mess of it. Mimi, however, was having none of it and told Stevie to be there for their daughter. 

As Stevie weighed up his options, he knew he had to go to the dance or he would be in a whole lot of trouble. Just like his new sound, he aced the dance and you could tell Mimi and Eva were ecstatic that he decided to be the bigger person. 

Also, Stevie told Tommie about his new relationship with Faith. The thing that shocked Faith was because she was wife material and she felt that Stevie was in a serious relationship. 

When Stevie struggled with his sound, Tommie told him to write songs about his love for Faith because that should come naturally to him, apparently. 

At first, Tommie seemed like she was going to be a villain, but she’s emerging as one of the best parts of the show. All of her scenes are hilarious and she seems to know how to help people when they really need it. 

Hopefully, there is a bigger focus on her in future episodes. 

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