Leah Messer just can’t catch a break.

No matter what she does, no matter how far she comes in life, she continues to receive criticism like there’s no tomorrow.

And sure, sometimes she’s deserved it.

Who could forget all those times on Teen Mom 2 when her daughters were crying because she hadn’t fed them breakfast and they were hungry?

Or what about that time that she legit nodded off while holding a baby?

But sometimes, Leah does her best, and it’s still not good enough for her haters.

This is one of those times.

Over the weekend, Leah took her girls to a cheerleading competition. One of the twins, Aleeah (also known as Gracie), was in the competition, and Leah proudly shared some photos of her.

And that, according to many people, was the wrong thing to do.

People took issue with Aleeah’s costume as well as the amount of makeup she was wearing.

“I don’t understand the need to dress our children so sexy and provocatively and put makeup on them and make them look older,” one commenter wrote. “Let them be little let them be children. Let them be innocent!!!”

Another commanded Leah to “Cover those babies up!!! Too much skin!!!”

One person complained that “It’s pretty sick how parents dont let their kids be kids!”

Another asked “Can someone here explain the need for makeup and crop tops/mini shirts on a child?? Umm how does this ad to the sport??”

And one more really got out of line, writing that “These are babies that don’t need makeup or even wear cheer clothes like these. I can bet everything I have (and dear god I hope I’m wrong) that she’s going to be 16 and pregnant too. Ugh.”

There are so many issues with these kinds of comments … where do we even begin?

One, we shouldn’t have to explain how wrong it is to suggest that a seven-year-old girl is going to end up pregnant at 16.

Two, Aleeah has to wear that much makeup because she’s on a stage in front of a big crowd with bright lights on her. If she didn’t wear heavy makeup, no one in the audience would be able to see her face.

It’s not like Leah is letting her kid go to school in that makeup, unlike some other Teen Moms.

Three, the kids have to wear a certain kind of clothing to be able to move freely, right? They’re just cheerleading, it’s not like they’re modeling bikinis like You-Know-Who’s kid.

Four, if Leah and the rest of these girls’ mothers are fine with this, then isn’t that what’s important?

Leah’s been working hard to become a good, stable parent, and it’s nice to see her doing things like this with her children.

Let’s not make this a negative thing, OK?

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