Who gave Lauren Jauregui permission to sing three new solo songs on night one of the Latin American leg of Halsey’s Hopeless Fountain Kingdom tour? I’m not mad, I just want to thank them! The Fifth Harmony member isn’t totally new to solo work–she’s already got collaborations with Marian Hill, Halsey, Ty Dolla $ign and Steve Aoki–but last night, it was all Lauren. Lauren started her set in São Paulo with “Toy,” which I truly wasn’t ready for: her vocals, the instrumentals, it was all THERE. When she said “I’m not your toy,” I totally agreed.

After performing some of her collaborations, she delivered the next new song, “Inside.” This one totally slowed it down, giving Lauren time to show off the vocals I first fell in love with. At the end of this one, she told us she wrote both “Toy” and “Inside.” Come through, new queen of songwriting!

But the last song is where she got me. “Expectations” made me decide I’m not putting up with any funny business from any man ever again. I’m literally sitting at my desk mouthing the lyrics on my third listen with no plans to stop. Sorry, everybody else!

My Twitter stan family was living for last night, too, and “Lauren” was trending worldwide:

As much as the fans want these songs, they’re still unreleased for now. Lauren tweeted that fans “aren’t getting the real versions for a minute” but they’ll be well worth the wait.

I’m happy, Lauren’s happy, Twitter’s happy. Everything feels right.

Gotta go, time to go back to lip syncing “Expectations” at my desk. Peace!

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