Laura Marano is kind of clumsy — but that’s okay. She owns it.

During her live chat ahead of the weekend, the actress and singer explained to fans just why she had a mountain of bandages on her right hand.

“I have no idea how I hurt my hand, which is kind of the story of my life,” Laura says in her live chat. “Raini [Rodriguez] and I would always laugh about this because I would just walk down the hallway with her and seconds later would have a paper cut, and there was no paper around us.”

For her hand injury, it’s kind of the same story.

“I was talking to someone and I went into my car and it was bleeding. So, I got a band-aid for it, this was a week and a half ago, and then last night, I went to the gym. I never do that, but when you’re in a hotel and they have a gym, you go. I actually hit my hand on the treadmill and the cut that was in the process of healing, re-opened, and started bleeding there.”

Laura continues, “Then, this morning, I hit my hand on the door, and it started bleeding again! I put two band-aids on it and it looks way more intense than it actually is.”

But, she makes it fun. The band-aids on her hand were Jane Austen quotes — um, where do we get some?!

FYI: Laura is pictured below at the Love Tribe launch party in Los Angeles this weekend.

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