Kylie Jenner is preparing for her bundle of joy and has names on her mind! Will she keep the Kardashian tradition alive and go with a K name? Get EXCLUSIVE details!

Kylie Jenner, 20, is getting ready to welcome her first child with Travis Scott, 25, and she’s been trying to decide on baby names, including whether or not she will continue the family tradition of choosing names that begin with the letter K. “All Kylie can think about lately has been what she will name her baby,” a source close to Kylie shared EXCLUSIVELY with “She wants to meet the baby before she makes any decisions final but she and Travis have been having a lot of fun going over ideas. Over the years Kylie thought it was silly that all of her siblings shared names that begin with the letter K. But now that it is her turn to carry on the tradition, she is not completely ruling it out and thinks it could be a fun thing to keep alive since her sisters have not.” Check out photos of Kylie hinting toward having a girl here!

In addition to family traditions, Kylie and Travis are thinking about possibly naming their baby after musical legends, including Michael Jackson. “Travis has been putting in his opinion too,” the source continued. “He would love something to represent his family or his southern roots and Kylie would love to do something to honor MJ, or her parents too. They are even tossing around unique hipster names like Lola, Jagger and Kali. The whole process is taking over all of Kylie‘s spare energy because she feels this is way more important than naming a shade of lip gloss.” Although it may be more important than naming shades in her cosmetic line, there’s been speculation that Kylie’s new holiday collection may be hinting toward her future daughter’s name since she’s been known to name her shades after women she’s close to. Hmm…

No matter what name Kylie and Travis decide on, we’re sure it will be perfect! Now all we want is for her to officially confirm the news that she’s expecting. A new suspicious trailer for the upcoming episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians lead us to believe that the announcement may very well be made on the show. We’ll definitely be keeping our ears and eyes open!

HollywoodLifers, do you hope Kylie keeps the Kardashian tradition alive and gives her baby a K name? Tell us in the comments below!

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