recently shared Stormi. While many gushed over how cute the photos are, some others took issue with the cosmetics mogul’s beautiful long nails. Those critics questioned if the 20-year-old reality TV star is able to take care of her little daughter while rocking those long fake nails.

“You know Kylie Jenner has a nanny. Ain’t no way she’s changing diapers with those long-a** acrylics,” one Twitter user wrote. “ok but how does kylie jenner change her baby’s diapers w/ nails [this] long?? poor stormi thinkin edward scissorhands tryna wipe her butt,” another commented.

Another weighed in, “They’re loving apart & in different states, want to take it slow, yeah having a baby is taking it slow. @KylieJenner can’t even change diapers with those talons. Great parents.” Another comment read, “Don’t wanna be a b***h but the length of Kylie Jenner’s nails tells me all I need to know about her parenting/lack thereof.”

Some fans, however, have come to Kylie’s defense. “There are killings going on #syria. Thousands of people dying out of hunger. And here we are worrying about Kylie Jenner, her baby and her freaking diapers. I mean seriously?” one hit back at those haters.

Another responded to the criticism, “LEAVE HER ALONE!!!! Literally it’s the most annoying thing to see, do u have nothing better to do with ur lives than post about Kylie Jenner unable to change diapers because of her nails? Or Kim being over her pink hair? Do something useful!!!!!”

Despite her super-lengthy nails, Kylie is reportedly a very hands-on mom. “Kylie is one month into being a mom and still loving it. It’s exhausting, but she loves that she’s a mom and is honestly really enjoying all the responsibility that has come along with it,” a source tells of the new mom, who welcomed her daughter Stormi with boyfriend on February 1.

The source adds, “She absolutely gets her hands dirty changing diapers on the regular and is really attentive and makes sure Stormi is eating and sleeping enough. Kylie is super hands-on and actively involved, but of course she has help.”

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