A work trip to Miami turns into a partying binge for Scott Disick on the Aug. 19 episode of ‘KUWTK’ — and the Kardashians are NOT happy about it.

Scott Disick is working on showing a new side of himself on this seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but he proved during the show’s Aug. 19 episode that his old habits haven’t completely died. In an effort to show that he can do more than just post on social media and make appearances for money, Scott prepares to fully go into the house-flipping business, and he takes a trip to Art Basel in Miami to find decorative pieces for his homes. “I feel like I come across to the world a little bit different than I really am,” Scott admits. “I’m not saying that a lot of the things you’re seeing aren’t exactly true, because they are, but I think there’s a lot of people who maybe underestimate me.”

The trip to Miami starts off with visits to galleries and art shows, but one morning, Scott stays out so late that he doesn’t wake up to film. “We heard that Scott went out really late last night and that he’s dead asleep,” a producer explains to Corey Gamble. To that, Corey gives a bit of an elusive response: “He’s gonna be jacked up for a while. I don’t know how, you know what I’m saying? That’s Scott.” Since Corey had flown to Miami specifically to help Scott with picking out art, he’s obviously not thrilled when Scott ditches him to sleep off a night out.

“He knew I was flying there and he did not surface,” Corey explains to Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian. “When I got there, I didn’t see him at all. I didn’t see if he was f***ed up or just with his girl, but I saw he had a wild night.” When Kris learns that Scott wasn’t taking the business venture seriously, she’s especially upset…because before he left she agreed to be his business partner.

“It’s really upsetting,” she says. “For his reputation, for my reputation and his future in general. He needs to step it up. I worry about if this is a pattern or not.” Finally, Kris gets a chance to confront Scott about the situation, and she scolds Scott for bailing on Corey for a “spring break”-like trip. “When you f*** up, you don’t f*** up a little bit. You f*** up,” she tells him. “Sometimes these little setbacks can cost you dearly. I get excited when you invited me to be part of your project. I want to do that, but I want to believe that you’re in 160 percent. I don’t want to be excited to be doing this with my partner who’s MIA in Miami somewhere.’

Although Scott is a bit apologetic, he is a bit defensive over Kris’ criticism. “I don’t know when I said I can’t go out…” he explains in a confessional. “I’m doing my best in life, but I still like to have fun when I can. I went out late, slept in. I don’t feel like the whole world should be crashing down. When I asked Kris to be a business partner, I didn’t ask for a high school principal.”

Eventually, Kris simply explains to Scott that she is just trying to be the voice of reason for him, because if she doesn’t…no one else will. In the end, Scott is very understanding, and makes it clear that he’s not the same person he was in the past. “[Kris] needs to realize that I really am in a different place in my life,” he says. “I can have fun and still hold down a job, a relationship, a life and a family. It’s not just all fun and games and things of that nature.”

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