Kristin Cavallari slammed haters on Jan. 17, who body-shamed her husband, Jay Cutler on Instagram. When some fans didn’t think her post of Jay was flattering, they criticized the NFL star with harsh comments about his weight. Well, Kristin has a new pic to show off for anyone who thinks her hubby isn’t looking his best…

Kristin Cavallari wants you to know her hubby, Jay Cutler, 33, is “hot AF”! The Chicago Bears quarterback surprised Kristin with a surprise trip to Mexico for her 30th birthday, Jan. 13, and when she posted a loving photo of the two, haters claimed Jay looked “flabby” and like a “300 pound lesbian.” Terrible, right?

Well, when Kristin caught wind of the hate spree taking place in the comments of her post, she fired back at the social media haters, on Jan. 17. She subtly acknowledged the verbal attack on Jay’s physique when she posted a new photo of him with some skin showing. Kristin took a comical approach to her response when she said, “And since Jay looked like a 300lb lesbian in my last post, I felt I should do him justice by posting him looking hot AF in this one”. You go, girl!


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Haters flooded the comments section on Kristin’s post when they body-shamed Jay, claiming he looked fuller. To make matters worse, Instagram goers trolled Kristin’s post because Jay doesn’t have any social media accounts. Let us remind you that we don’t condone social media bullying or negative comments, so we aren’t going to mention any other hateful statements, however, you can visit her Instagram page to see the rest.

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Jay looked incredible in the old and new photo during their romantic vacation. It just so happened, he was sitting in a different position in both photos, with different outfits on. Nonetheless, all of the comments weren’t negative. Some fans took to the comments of the new photo to defend Jay. One fan wrote “no shame in his game,” while another said, “He looks great!” Now, that’s something we will mention!

Kristin and Jay were trying to enjoy their romantic getaway to Mexico with friends when the pro athlete was harshly criticized for his bod. Jay has some free time on his hands since he sadly hasn’t played with the Bears since Nov. 2016 due to a shoulder surgery. He was placed on injured reserve in Dec. 2016 after his surgery, and that’s the only update the NFL has released. The future of Jay’s career with the Bears is unknown at this time. However, we truly wish him a speedy recover so he can return to the football field.

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