Kristen Wiig

Crashes Dodgeball Game

Pumps Up Team Wiigs!!

4/20/2017 1:46 PM PDT

Exclusive Details

Kristen Wiig‘s a real team player … especially when the team is named after her.

The hilarious actress surprised a West Hollywood dodgeball team Wednesday called Team Wiigs — they dress up as famous Kristen characters for games — by stopping by to pump ’em up.

We’re told Wiig’s friend on the opposing team told her about the theme, and they all set up a fun surprise. When the rest of the Wiigs showed up for their match … BOOM! Real Wiig in the house!!

Kristen brought champagne for a pep talk/toast and huddled with the team for a “Sorry!” chant … in Gilly voice, of course. Great strategy … Team Wiigs won its match to end the regular season undefeated.

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