You may wanna turn away right about now, Scott Disick.

No, really, shut your computer down and go for a long walk.

You do NOT want to read what we’re about to write… 

Okay, here goes:

According to a shocking new report, Kourtney Kardashian is thinking about getting pregnant again.

But she’s not interested in the sperm of her three-time baby daddy, no matter how much she loves the children she created with Disick.

Instead, OK! Weekly writes in its latest issue, Kardashian may decide to have unprotected sex with her long-time lover, Younes Bendjima.

“In the heat of the moment, they’ve said they want to make a baby,” an anonymous source tells the tabloid, adding:

“At first, she’d laugh it off later, but now she’s told him she’d love to have a child with him. She thinks he’s so sexy and mature beyond his years.”

We can’t speak on the latter. But anyone who has seen a picture of Younes Bendjima knows he’s sexy… but still.

Does that mean Kourtney should have a kid with him?!?

Bendjima and Kardashian have been going at it (naked!) for quite a long time now.

It’s always seemed like a casual relationship, however, something Kardashian did to relieve the stress from her roller coaster romance with Disick.

This is the first report that has hinted it could be anything more than a fling.

Then again, it’s possible the report is not even accurate. These supermarket tabloids can’t always be trusted, you know.

Moreover, Gossip Cop claims it has spoken to its own insider and the OK! article is “false.” This website contradicts all assertions that Kardashian has “baby fever” of any kind.

It’s unclear what sort of training this so-called “Cop” has gone through to her its distinction, so you can go ahead and trust whichever source you please.

All we can say for certain is a couple things:

  1. Kourtney looks FINE in a bikini! We understand why people want to sleep with her.

  2. She and Disick really do appear to FINALLY be over for good.

Whether or not she decides to have another child, Kardashian appears to be fine with this decision. She’s moved on with a hottie.

Disick, however?

Well… he’s seen much better days.

Various reports of late have detailed his excessive drinking and partying, as the main who refers to himself as a “Lord” simply can’t envision a life without his baby mama.

Let’s all hope he finds a way to cope and a way to get over Kourtney before something truly awful happens.

You have three young kids, Scott. Man up and be responsible.

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