No photoshop necessary here! After being accused of heavily altering an Instagram photo, Kim Kardashian explained why the background of the pic REALLY looked so distorted. See her epic response here!

Kim Kardashian, 37, wants fans to know that rumors of her “Photoshop Fail” are total BS! In case you missed it, the reality star was slammed for seemingly photoshopping a pic on Instagram, because a car in the background of the shot was noticeably completely squished and distorted. However, there’s a reason for that! Kim explained on her website that she actually just reposted the photo from a fan, and the original image was mirrored, which caused the half car in the background to look so funny. To prove her point, Kim posted the original mirrored image to her website, which clearly shows how the car ended up looking the way it did.

“So, this is actually really funny to me,” Kim wrote, regarding the Photoshop rumors. “Who would even Photoshop a car to look like that?! LOL.” Still, she noticeably disabled the comments on the Instagram post after receiving so much backlash. Luckily, the record has been set straight! Unfortunately, Kim simply can’t seem to avoid the haters, as just days later, she was called out again for seemingly highly-editing new photos of herself in a black, one-piece swimsuit. Kim has not responded directly on that one, but we don’t blame her for not addressing EVERY rumor out there!

After all, Kim has a lot of other things to focus on besides calling out her critics! Her third baby, Chicago West, was just born in January, and she’s been busier than ever building her KKW Beauty empire. Her latest venture? A collaboration with her longtime makeup artist, Mario, which she’s SUPER excited about! We can’t wait !

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