Shots fired! Kim Kardashian is unloading on Caitlyn Jenner after reading her memoir trashing family matriarch Kris. We’ve got the harsh words she had to say to her former stepdad, including how she needs to ‘grow up!’

Before Caitlyn Jenner, 67, released her memoir The Secrets of My Life, she gave ex-wife Kris, 61, an advanced copy so she wouldn’t be blindsided. After reading it and finding out she was bashed throughout the book, she let her daughter Kim Kardashian, 36, take a good hard read as well. In a clip from the upcoming June 4 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim and sister Kourtney, 38 have a deep heart to heart conversation about it. “Did you read the whole thing?” Kourt asks. “Cause I was thinking, is mom exaggerating and making it a big deal?”

“That’s what I thought, that’s why I wanted to read it. She’s so angry at mom, for like no reason,” Kim responds. “It was like ‘I didn’t speak to my sister because of Kris. I didn’t speak to my kids because of Kris.’ Grow up and say ‘I didn’t call my kids.’” she says in a forceful tone. You go Kim!

“And Caitlyn discredits mom. She said, ‘I didn’t see a dime of my money.’ She was insinuating that mom took the check and pocketed it and had this huge savings,” Kim says before detailing how the family had struggled financially prior to their reality show, having to move out of Beverly Hills and into Hidden Hills before the area became so posh. “The money wasn’t going in mom’s pocket.”

“They made the money together,” Kourtney concurs. “Even when mom would book appearances, I worked for her, I would hear her phone calls in the office. She would hustle to get speeches. She changed Caitlyn’s career and she made her have this motivational speaker business.”

Kim drops another shocker regarding Caitlyn’s 20/20 interview with Dianne Sawyer. “Then she said, ‘The Kardashians were so upset when their names weren’t mentioned in Diane Sawyer, but it was all deliberate. We did research and any time the word Kardashian was mentioned, people thought, they put the word Kardasahian with publicity stunt and so we deliberately never put the name in there.” Kourtney adds, “And that sounds pathetic.” Harsh! We can see why Kim and the rest of her family are so upset with Caitlyn. While she may have a memoir to tell her story, the Kardashians have a weekly reality show to share their side of it.

HollywoodLifers, do you agree with Kim that Caitlyn needs to “grow up” and own some of her mistakes?

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