is running for Senate and it’s not a joke. The 46-year-old rocker has launched a website, , which is a proof of his effort to gain support in his campaign to be a U.S. Senator representing his home state of Michigan.

Apparently, many people were still not convinced when the website was launched on Wednesday, July 12. The “Only God Knows Why” singer then made his intent clear as he tweeted later in the afternoon, “I have had a ton of emails and texts asking me if this website is real… The answer is an absolute YES.”

A supporter of President , Kid Rock mentions “I’ll Rock the Party”, “In Rock We Trust”, “Pimp of the Nation”, “Born Free”, “Party to the People”, “Welcome to the Party”, “You Never Met a Politician Quite Like Me” and “Get in the Senate and Try to Help Someone” as some of his slogans.

However, Kid Rock’s run for office is not official yet until he has filed paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission. “I’m not seeing any evidence that Kid Rock has filed with the FEC…” tweeted the Washington Post’s Emily Heil, while a rep for the rock star has refused to address the matter.

Tim Tagaris‏, the former digital fundraising director for Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, further explained the process to run for office. He tweeted that Kid Rock “must file w FEC within 15 days of receiving/spending $5k. Site + merch likely do it. Also, ‘© Kid Rock for US Senate 2018’ not ok disclaimer.”


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