Will she or won’t she? ‘The Walking Dead’s Khary Payton talked to HollywoodLife about Lauren Cohan’s still pending return to the show next season.

The Walking Dead‘s season eight finale on April 15 set the groundwork for Maggie to have a major arc in season nine, but the problem is no one knows if Lauren Cohan, 36, even going to return. HollywoodLife spoke to Khary Payton at the red carpet for the season eight finale in Los Angeles, California where he revealed how difficult the waiting game has been. “I mean that would really suck,” Khary told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY about Lauren/Maggie potentially being off the show for good. “So I am crossing my toes and it is incredibly painful. It’s been that way for weeks so lets hope it all works out!” Yes, please let it all work out!

For those of you who might not be in the know about why Lauren/Maggie might not return, let us fill you in. In February 2018 it was reported that Lauren was in the middle of salary negotiations with the execs at AMC. Unfortunately for the network, it was also confirmed that Lauren had booked the lead in a pilot for ABC — a direct conflict of interest for her role on The Walking Dead. Two months later there was still no update on whether or not she had renewed her contract, so Khary took the issue to Instagram to show his support. “Pay the woman,” Khary captioned an image of Lauren as Maggie on his personal account. The actor who plays King Ezekiel on the show is the only co-star to speak out about the salary discrepancy.

Lastly, in an interview with our sister site, Deadline, showrunner Scott Gimple had this to say: “I cannot say. I mean we will have stuff to say about that soon, very soon. I’m tempted to say things but I can’t yet.” Hmm.

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