Kendall Jenner is a Lakers girl, plan and simple. However, her new guy is a Clippers player. Uh-oh. An insider told EXCLUSIVELY how Blake Griffin feels about his girl rooting for the enemy.

Kendall Jenner, 21, was spotted court-side, cheering on her rumored beau Blake Griffin, 28, as he and the LA Clippers took on the LA Lakers on Oct. 19 and won. She even joined him for a PDA-filled celebratory bash afterward. However, as much as she may like Blake, that’s about where Kendall’s support for the team ends. Yes, these two have an amazing relationship, but an insider tells us that Kendall’s still a fan of the Lakers. Not that Blake is at all cool with that! Click here to see pics of Kendall and Blake.

“Everything is really cool with them both and they are really interested in being together,” a source close to Kendall told EXCLUSIVELY. “They continue to have fun and want to hang out at all times and be together and make the relationship a success. The one thing that upsets him though about her is that she is a Lakers fan and he can’t change that. Its not going to be a deal breaker for their relationship. But it is a little bit of a slap in the face for Blake, since he obviously plays for the Los Angeles Clippers.”

Dude, we hear you, but Kendall is worth it! It’s clear Blake knows that too, as the pair have been pretty much attached at the hip since rumors started swirling they were an item at the end of the summer. They’ve shared multiple romantic meals and tried to sneak around LA and NYC. Kendall and Blake were even seen at a horror attraction near her home in California and looked a little frightened while clinging to each other. Yeah, they can make it through a little team rivalry!

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