Katy Perry is really taking this “Bon Appétit” promo to freaky levels.

The Witness singer recently teamed up with Vanity Fair’s Derek Blasberg for a prank that involved transforming her “Bon Appétit” cover art into a real sculpture. Basically, they served up Perry’s head on a platter surrounded by fruit, and staged the prank exhibit at New York’s Whitney Museum for unsuspecting guests.

Most people were appropriately freaked out by the disembodied head chillin’ on the picnic table in front of them, though only a few seemed to recognize it was actually Katy Perry. When one person did say, “That looks like Katy Perry,” the singer joked that she was really Miley Cyrus. And to another person, Perry just said, “Buy my new song, it’s called “Bon Appétit.”

It’s all very weird, but would you expect anything less from the woman who turned herself into a literal dinner dish for her latest music video?

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