Katy Perry sure knows how to get people talking.

Earlier this week, she dropped a brand new song from her upcoming album called “Swish Swish.” The song features the talents of Nicki Minaj, and it’s … well, it’s OK.

But nobody’s talking about the quality of the song or its guest performers — everyone’s talking about the possible subject of the song.

Because “Swish Swish” is almost certainly about none other than Taylor Swift.

The lyrics seem to reference Katy’s legendary feud with Taylor, and even when directly asked, Katy hasn’t denied that the song is about her.

Ruby Rose, one of Taylor’s key squad members, took the time to absolutely tear Katy apart soon after its release.

It’s all very scandalous, and Katy brought that scandal with her when she performed the song last night on Saturday Night Live.

And it sure was a show.

We analyzed it to see if there were any references to Taylor, and if there were, we missed them.

But to be fair, it’s hard to understand anything about what’s happening in this performance.

Katy sings the song to the best of her ability — with no Nicki, it does drag a little — while surrounded by many, many people.

There are drag queens, dancers, a guy in a skeleton suit, and one very enthusiastic boy with a backpack who moves his arms really fast.

And while all these shenanigans are going on around her, Katy is just as serious as can be. Because it doesn’t get more serious than “swish, swish, bish.”

Watch the mess in action in the video below:

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