Kareem Hunt

Fans Are Pissed!!!

And Missing the Point

12/1/2018 11:04 AM PST


The video of Kareem Hunt clearly attacking a woman is sparking a movement — an angry, bitter outpouring of hatred … toward TMZ. 

Minutes after the Kansas City Chiefs made the decision to release Hunt … we were flooded with emails calling us a**holes, pieces of s**t, blatant supporters of Tom Brady and many other not-so-pleasant things.

We pulled together some of the spicier responses here — including one guy who broke up with his GF over the story.

For the record, TMZ Sports is covering Kareem Hunt because there’s video of him — a very famous NFL star — striking a woman. A woman who went to police to report the assault. As we’ve reported, the case appears to be in limbo — the Cleveland City Prosecutor is giving us a “no comment.”

As for Hunt’s on-field punishment? There’d been none until we published the video, and the Chiefs say he lied to them about the incident. 

Point is … the story’s about something other than struggling fantasy football teams.

Just sayin’.

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