Justin Theroux still keeps two of his cars in Jennifer Aniston’s garage, but why? A source close to Jen told HL EXCLUSIVELY the true reason & it’s not what you might imagine.

So many fans became hopeful after it was reported that not one, but two of Justin Theroux‘s cars could still be seen inside Jennifer Aniston‘s garage at her $21 million dollar mansion in Santa Monica. However, a source close to Jen told us EXCLUSIVELY that there’s no way these two will reunite romantically — even though Justin misses her. “Sadly there’s no hope whatsoever of Justin and Jen ever getting back together,” our source said. “They’re polar opposites and it just doesn’t work well for them to be together long term. When they first got together they both loved how different their lifestyles were—Jen enjoyed hanging out with Justin’s edgy and arty New York pals, and he really got into chilling in LA.”

However, despite their acclimating to each other’s different lifestyles, the two just couldn’t reconcile their differences. “After the novelty wore off, they started resenting spending time in each other’s world, and inevitably, they just grew apart,” our source went on to say. “Their split was actually pretty amicable. There was no cheating involved, or any huge blow-out fights. They were just miserable together and accepted their marriage wasn’t going to work.”

And as for the reason why Justin keeps his cars at Jen’s place? “Justin still keeps his cars at Jen’s though for when he’s in town, but neither of them are at her house right now,” our source added. “Justin is at home in New York, and Jen is away filming in Italy.” Well, there you have it. Sometimes you have to keep on to your ex’s stuff — simply because they’re not around to pick it up.

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