reportedly has a masturbation video and it’s in danger of leaking. The “Cold Water” hitmaker previously got a photo of him masturbating leaked through his ex Chantell Jeffries’ account just days after he deleted his Instagram account in August.

“Justin Bieber’s Instagram may be down, but his penis is certainly up. Even after deleting his account on the social media platform, it has been revealed that video exists of him MASTURBATING,” according to .

The site cited sources as claiming, “They video is 100% real and it does exist. [Justin] is a young sexy guy in great shape with a huge penis. He isn’t concerned about this. If it gets leaked it get leaked. Justin does not pay attention to this stuff. He is busy focused on his music and fans.”

To make the article more salacious, the site added one of Justin’s Calvin Klein ads, which showed him sleeping while touching his crotch.

The report, however, has been debunked by another source close to Justin, who assures that the latest Naughty Gossip tale is completely made up.


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