‘s body is now covered with tattoos. The 23-year-old Canadian star shows off his massive new body inks to his online followers in a shirtless mirror selfie and video posted on Instagram. He has inked gargoyles, skeletons and archways on his chest and stomach.

The new tats are the latest additions to his torso tattoo collection that includes a head of lion, bear, gothic cross, and her mother’s birthday in roman numerals. The new ones completely covers up his previous body art that read “” as a tribute to his fourth studio album. A huge “Son of God” inked across his abs and first revealed on stage during his concert in Italy in 2016 is also no longer visible.

Although Bieber is a tattoo enthusiast, the process of getting inked is “mad uncomfortable” for him. He got his first tattoo on his 16th birthday. A small bird from one of his favorite children’s books was inked on his left hip. It’s “a seagull who wanted to be more than just a seagull,” so he explained to GQ.

The “Sorry” hitmaker also got a tattoo of his former on-and-off girlfriend . The former Disney actress was depicted as an angel on his left forearm. Now that they split for good, he plans to get rid of it. “This is my ex-girlfriend. I kinda tried to cover her face up with some shading, but people still know,” he opened up.

The owl on his arm “signifies wisdom.” The “LL” on his inner upper arm, he said, “It stands from when my head’s low to lift it up. Just to never keep your head low and just to always look for the better days.” Meanwhile, the “X” also on his arm is for the “unknown.”

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