Southern California was ravaged by wildfires this week, which charred over 175,000 acres of land and displaced thousands of people in Los Angeles and surrounding counties.

The damage is far-reaching and nightmarish, and Justin Bieber is committed to doing what he can to help out as those affected begin to heal from the destruction.

In a brief Instagram video, Bieber offered his emotional support, along with the promise that he’s going to “have a conversation with some people” to get fundraising and community outreach initiatives in play.

“Obviously, I’m not a fireman,” he said. “But I can use my resources to figure out ways to get some sort of restoration in certain communities, and fundraisers, or whatever we can do. So, I’m going to get on that, and in the meantime, all the families, and all the people who are struggling, just know that everything’s gonna be okay. So, yeah. Let’s do this.”

He then posted a call to action encouraging his followers to donate water, clothing, food, hygiene products, and more.

Mashable has compiled a list of helpful links for those interested in doing their part to help with wildfire recovery efforts. Check out those resources, and stay tuned for more from Bieber and other celebs as they rally together to lend their support to SoCal as it the region rebuilds.

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