Julian Edelman

Bros Out with Russell Wilson

… at Grammys Party

2/11/2019 6:02 AM PST

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Just two Super Bowl champs hangin’ out in Hollywood … 

Julian Edelman and Russell Wilson found each other at a pre-Grammy bash at the Beverly Hilton on Saturday — and seemed to get along really well! 

So, what did they have to talk about? Both guys are Super Bowl champs — Wilson led the Seahawks to a victory over Peyton Manning‘s Broncos in Super Bowl 48. 

And, Edelman has rings from Super Bowl 49, 51 and 53 … also, the Super Bowl MVP from 53. 

Obviously, Edelman was at the Grammys to present an award and Wilson was there to support his R&B star wife, Ciara

They weren’t the only athletes on hand … Chris Bosh was also at the party. He’s got 2 NBA championship rings. 

Bottom line — lotsa winners in Bev Hills over the weekend. 

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