Everyone knows villains have more fun — including Warner Bros. On Aug. 22, news broke the studio has a new Joker origin story film in the works. But are they bringing ‘Suicide Squad’ star Jared Leto on to play Batman’s arch nemesis again?

We have some news that is definitely going to put a smile on your face without the use of any sharp objects! Warner Bros. has an untitled Joker origin story film in the works, with The Hangover writer and director Todd Phillips lined up to direct the flick and co-write the screenplay with 8 Mile screenwriter Scott Silver, according to our sister site, Deadline.  But we know what you’re really wondering: Who is going to play Batman’s evil foe? Sorry to burst your bubble Suicide Squad fans, but it looks like it ain’t gonna be Jared Leto, 45.

While Jared did portray the Joker in last year’s DC villain ensemble film and is expected to reprise the role in an upcoming sequel, this origin flick would have a different actor playing the dastardly clown with a killer sense of humor. Martin Scorsese will produce the new film about the Clown Prince of Crime, according to Deadline, though a source close to the project told Entertainment Weekly that deal hasn’t actually been “nailed down” yet.

This project will be the first to be produced under a yet-to-be announced banner of films that will be separate from the continuity created in the mainstream DC Extended Universe series of films, which includes movies like Batman v. SupermanSuicide Squad and the eagerly anticipated upcoming Justice League. This new group of films will “bring unique story angles to the studio’s iconic heroes and villains,” according to EW. Click here to see Justice League trailer pics.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of the upcoming Joker origin film? Do you want him to play the Joker in this prequel or for them to find a different actor? Let us know below!

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