Johnny Manziel

Speaks Out on Kaepernick Comparisons

3/24/2018 11:50 AM PDT

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Johnny Manziel‘s had it with the controversy over his quest to return to the NFL being compared to Colin Kaepernick‘s situation, and he’s speaking out in favor of Kaep … and himself.

The former Browns QB says he’s tired of the anger people have expressed because he’s being looked at by NFL scouts while Kaep continues to get the cold shoulder … because he’s just trying to turn his life around.

However, Manziel heaps praise on Kaep, saying the former Niners QB is doing amazing things and changing lives, adding … “His impact off the field from a societal standpoint is legendary and straight admirable.”

Johnny says he agrees with what many in the sports world believe — Colin’s not in the league for reasons that aren’t related to football … but lays out several reasons why he should be.

“The guy took a team to the Super Bowl and continuously wreaked havoc on the NFC West and the league.”

Manziel believes Kaepernick has a lot left in the tank, but his point is this — he can’t speak for what Kaepernick wants to do with his career … he can only focus on his own comeback.

And that’s what he says he’s going to do.

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