When he’s not palling around and jamming with Shawn Mendes or on the road with Dead & Company, John Mayer is making new music for himself. Earlier this month, he dropped “New Light,” a breezy plea for someone to see him in another way, and in keeping with the hypebeast-as-school-boy aesthetic he unveiled around its release, he’s got a proper video for the track out now.

Be warned, it’s ridiculous. But it knows it is — it’s right there in the upload title: “John Mayer – New Light (Premium Content!).”

John spends the entire video in front of a green screen, inserting himself into various locales. Some are luxurious, like cruising in a convertible in Malibu, and some are not, like the sterile inside of a call center. But he goes there without fear.

A moment that will likely be talked about the most in this music video (for a song, by the way, that’s really good!) is when John waves to himself Spider-Man style in front of a zebra. That happens about two-thirds of the way through. The rest, though, plays like a bizarre karaoke video where John Mayer has the time of his 40-year-old life.

Enjoy the #premiumcontent that is John Mayor Mayer’s video for “New Light” above.

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