After coming by the TRL studio to be announced as this year’s Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award recipient at the upcoming VMAs (LIVE Monday August 20th at 9pm!), Jennifer Lopez stuck around to name some of the top moments from her legendary music career.

Things got pretty emotional during the live announcement, as the moment really hit Jennifer. The Vanguard Award is a culmination of the iconic music videos she’s been making for the last 19 years, making it incredibly special for Jennifer to see some of the same fans she’s always had in the front row at TRL.

With over 40 music videos from Jennifer over the course of her career, TRL host Sway Calloway asked the hardest question: which music video is most memorable? She took it all the way back to 1999, when she recorded the videos for “If You Had My Love” and “No Me Ames” two days in a row. But the tough questions didn’t stop there, as Sway had more impossible questions in store for Jennifer.

Jennifer first attended the VMAs in 1998; now, she’s getting the Vanguard Award exactly 20 years later. With so many outfits to choose from, Jennifer looked back on her top fashion looks from the VMAs, naming her 2000 look her favorite. Her fans in the audience were quick to bring out their Jennifer VMAs trivia, since even an iconic pop queen can’t remember every single moment.

Missed the full live Vanguard announcement from the TRL studio? Watch Sway Calloway’s full livestream with Jennifer Lopez below. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET.

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